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ISO 80369

ISO 80369

ISO 80369: The New Standard

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Implementation of 'The SafeChild System®'

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Implementation of 'The SafeChild System®'
at Wesley Medical Center



Multiple products allowing for efficient enteral feedings.


Ranging from Polyurethane to PVC to Silicone. NeoChild's feeding tubes will fit any of your existing and future needs.


Affordable, stainless instruments availalbe for your needs.

IV Extension

Various products with low flow infusion rates utilized around syringe pumps.


Convenience trays dedicated to the small patient.


Silicone catheters for ease of use.

INNOVATORS Not Imitators

Safe Child System


About Neochild


"Protecting the patients who need protection the most."

At NeoChild we are proud to be "protecting the patients who need protection the most." With senior management boasting over 40 years of neonatal and IV therapy experience we have been able to develop exemplary products to aid in protecting precious neonates. As a specification developer, we have multiple patents filed exclusively to products within the neonatal market.

We are thrilled to offer the Safe Child System®’, the first fully integrated enteral feeding system eliminating misconnections with any IV products. Additionally, we provide urinary catheters, extensive syringe pump sets, as well as several procedural trays.

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  • Curious about what’s going on with the new ENFit connectors. Click on the following link and stay connected.


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  • NeoChild has been awarded a 3-year group purchasing agreement with MedAssets for its Enteral Feeding Tubes and Accessories category. This contract went into effect on October 1, 2013, and will allow MedAssets members to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by MedAssets for NeoChild products, including the Safe Child System™, which is the only patented enteral safety system of its kind on the market (US 8,292,875).

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    MedAssets Awards NeoChild with Contract!

  • NeoChild is also proud to announce the Canadian patent issue of our enteral feeding system; ‘The SafeChild System®.’

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  • NeoChild is proud to announce the patent issue of our enteral feeding system; ‘The SafeChild System®.’ The only patented enteral safety system of its kind. Additional information can be found here on our Resources Page. Please do not hesitate to contact our quality assurance department if you have questions at 1-888-887-6428.

    View Our Offical Patent Announcement

Our Product Portfolio

We are proud of the high quality products we provide and are excited to share them with you.  Contact us for more information or view our product portfolio.

ISO 80369

NeoChild will proactively promote the new ISO 80369 system and will continue to offer the SafeChild System™ until ISO 80369 is fully mandated. 

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Various resources are available at your fingertips. Check out our Articles / Videos page for more information and education.

Our Patents

NeoChild will continue to follow the motto of being “INNOVATORS NOT IMITATORS.” Click on our patents link to check out NeoChild’s current intellectual property, as well as, get a glimpse of what we are planning for the future

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We're here for you! If you have inqueries regarding product information, ordering, catalogs, or resources; you can contact us at 888.887.NICU (6428) or send us an email.

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