Your Neonatal Partner

At NeoChild we are proud to be “protecting the patients who need protection the most.” With senior management boasting over 40 years of neonatal and IV therapy experience we have been able to develop exemplary products to aid in protecting neonates. On top of the multiple patents filed exclusively to products within the neonatal market, NeoChild is happy to announce that steps are being taken to establish production at their corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City.  This process allows NeoChild to streamline logistics and solidify supply chains.

NeoChild is proud to offer two patented safety enteral feeding systems, including the soon-to-be-introduced SAFEkey™ System and the original Safe Child System™.  Both of these systems eliminate misconnections while also preventing any clinical issues, such as dosing errors or bacterial contamination in comparison to ENFit®.  Additionally, NeoChild provides urinary catheters, various microbore/minibore IV extension sets, and specialty convenience kits designed specifically for the neonatal and pediatric marketplace.

Company History

NeoChild was created to provide and develop products to a specialty sector of the healthcare industry.  Founded as a distributor in 1981, NeoChild has since been issued multiple patents, designed neonatal products, and is now in the process of bringing production to two on-shore locations, including our centrally-located headquarters in Oklahoma City.  NeoChild is also a certified diversity vendor through the WBENC.

The Safe Child System™ was designed, developed, and tested to best suit neonatal needs, and the SAFEkey™ System takes that design to the next level with a product introduction coming in the near future.   NeoChild also understands the need for specialty and custom products that are specifically designed for a patient population that needs it the most.

Our Products

NeoChild is proud to offer various neonatal and pediatric products.  Check out NeoChild’s offerings and request a sample.

ISO 80369

NeoChild offers two safety enteral feeding systems.  Both of these options are patented to eliminate misconnections and prevent clinical issues.


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Our Patents

NeoChild will continue to follow the motto of being “INNOVATORS NOT IMITATORS.” Click on our patents link to check out NeoChild’s current intellectual property and get a glimpse of what we are planning for the future